Green Sprouts Silicone Bottle 8oz

$ 8.95

Brand Green Sprout

BPA & phthalate free. Variable flow. Wide mouth. Anti-colic silicone nipple. Non-toxic & nitrosamine free. Heat-resistant & durable. Soft & non-porous. Hypoallergenic & hygienic. Wide mouth for easy cleaning. Travel cap, collar, nipple, neck, silicone lip, silicone base. At Green Sprouts we know you want the best for your baby. That's why we make baby-friendly products for your little one. All of our products conform to US health and safety standards. Stage 1; Age: 0-3 Mo.; What Happens: Nursing, milk in a bottle; Bottles Needed: Feeding bottles. Green Sprouts eco-friendly. Baby-friendly. Our company was founded in 1982 based on values that prioritize protecting our earth and our children. Since babies develop by exploring through their senses and putting everything in their mouths, we make sure all our products are safe and conform to US health and safety standards. As a company that has been at the forefront of children's health and safety issues, we're continually researching ways to make safer baby products. In 2003 we discovered the dangers of phthalates, which are used to soften rigid plastics such as PVC for use in many baby items. In 2006 we learned of concerns about BPA (bisphenol-A), which is used in hard, clear plastics like polycarbonate baby bottles to prevent breakage. Phthalates and BPA have been shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems. All Green Sprouts products have been phthalate free since 2003 and BPA free since 2006. Made in Taiwan.