Diaper Stripping Service

$ 39.95

Brand One Love Baby

One LOVE Baby has partnered with Do Good Diaper Service of Minneapolis to provide diaper stripping services for our customers.

Take the chemistry and work out of stripping your cloth diapers at home. Drop them off at One LOVE Baby and we’ll take care of the work for you with Do Good Diapers professional stripping service.

We have a shipping service available!


  1. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE STRIP - $39.95 (up to 50 diapers) includes pick-up and delivery to One LOVE Baby Store. Please un-stuff, un-snap, or open up fully, every single diaper before they are dropped off.  A $5 charge will be added for any stash not undone.
  2. SUPER STASH UPGRADE - $15 for any additional diapers in your stash (up to 50 extra)
  3. SHIPPING for your diapers to STRIP? – SHIP to: 5203 W 73rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55439. We suggest purchasing insurance for your shipment.  Diapers MUST arrive clean.   Please include the following information with your diapers: 
    1. Name –
    2. Address for returns –
    3. Phone number –
    4. Email –
    5. CC # for charging return shipping (or contact us with this info)
  4. Prior to shipping or dropping your diapers off for service a detailed inventory list of your property must be filled out. Provide a detailed list with your shipment or pick one up from One Love Baby.


Pick-up dates will be announced on One LOVE Baby’s website on our calendar under the Events and Classes tab.

Waiver of Damage: One Love Baby shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to Customers personal property (cloth diapers and inserts) during the performance of this Service. All efforts will be made by One Love Baby to prevent loss and damage of any kind. Customer is responsible for providing a written inventory that will be verified by One Love Baby upon receipt of cloth diapers and inserts. If any discrepancies are found between the actual inventory received and that detailed on the inventory slip prior to One Love Baby scheduling pick-up for the stripping Service, the Customer will be notified and a new inventory slip will need to be filled out for the Service to be performed.  The use of this service could void the warranty of your diaper(s). Please check the manufacturer warranty guidelines before using this service.  All loads are kept and washed separately.

Payment for Services: Customer must pay for this Service prior to service being performed. Payment for diapers being shipped must be made online at before shipment. Payment must be made at the time of drop off at One Love Baby.