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Beco Gemini

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The Beco Gemini  is a great all-purpose soft structured carrier for  babies from newborn to about 18 months. The simple  design makes it extremely intuitive to use. It's  lightweight and slim-fitting, and can be used in  4 different positions (front carry facing out, front  carry facing out, hip carry and back carry), making  it very versatile.
If you are wondering how the Beco Gemini differs  from other soft structured carriers, you can check  out the Carrier Comparison Chart, but here it is in  a nutshell: 

With the Beco Gemini, can carry your baby  facing forward by snapping two flaps back on the  base of the carrier, making it narrower. You can  also use the Beco Gemini to do a hip carry.

The Beco Gemini is shorter and narrower in the  body than the other carriers, and has no sleeping  hood (just a headrest), so it's not ideal for use  with toddlers, but it is a very good, comfortable,  intuitive and easy-to-use carrier for newborns and  younger babies. 

If you have a child 18 months and up, consider the Boba G3, the Tula, the Onya or the Pikkolo. The Pikkolo is sized bigger than the Gemini, but does all the same positions and has a full sleeping hood and detachable waistband.

The Beco Gemini is all about flexibility and  simplicity. There are no detachable accessories,  everything you need is built into the carrier. The  Gemini converts from one form to another by folding  and securing various parts of the carrier with snaps.  With one carrier you can do:  Front carry facing in Front carry facing out Hip carry Back carry Straps either crossed or backpack style Headrest down (for small, active babies)  or headrest up (for sleeping babies or toddlers) Base of carrier narrow (for small babies  or front facing-out carry) or wide (hip and  back carry, bigger babies and toddlers)