Cloth Diapering my Newborn!

When my son was born he was overdue, the midwife already was saying he would be big, and we were getting ready to move into a new house.  I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least!

I had some diapers from my daughter that I'd planned on using on our son, but also some brand new Bamboo PODS and a few packages of hybrid H-Pods for backup.  I prepped my New Bamboo Pods about 3 times, but not as much as the 5-10 times that was recommended to get them fully prepped.  I had all my new baby stuff packed in a special bag ready to go, and all the diapers in a second big bag.  

We had a bit of help packing, but I was still running behind schedule. I probably pushed myself a bit too hard those last few days before the move to catch up.  So, when I started having contractions the day before the moving van was planned to show up, I wasn't surprised!

The first day we used all  H-pods on him, and they worked so well for that new meconium poo!  He safely made it in his car seat to the new house wearing his Softbums ECHO shell and an H-pod!

Things were going great with cloth diapers until I tried to use my new Bamboo Pods!  We started to get a few leaks, and I knew exactly why!  After rewashing them all a few more times, we had a lot better success with those and got no leaks, even though he was a heavy wetter.  We did have to play around with the leg settings a bit that first week or 2 to get a perfect fit.  You want it to be tighter than you think it should be, but not so tight that it leaves red marks.  And, since babies grow a LOT those first few weeks, you will be checking and readjusting the legs a lot.  Also, once the Shells go through the dryer the leg elastic will shrink again.  Ours did, and I had to readjust the legs all over again to fit him!  Hahaha!  Next time, I will make sure my shells are also washed a dried several times before adjusting the legs to fit him. 

I did need to use a LOT more absorbency at night than I thought I would with him though.  He was such a HEAVY WETTER!!!!  I used a FULL One-Size Bamboo Pod at night.  Or a Large Dry-Touch Pod folded down in the front to fit his still tiny body.  It looked a bit bulky, but it did the job perfectly!  

We owned about 6 OMNI Shells, and I'm really glad I had those handy because he grew so fast that I started using them over a One-Size Pod for nights and naps when he was only 1 month old.  They seemed a tad bulky, so I was still really happy with the fit of the skinnier ECHO Shells for daytimes.

Overall, we actually had fewer leaks with our cloth diapers than with disposables.  I am so happy with our choice, not only do we save money and allow our son to be more comfortable, but it's also healthier, and was easier too!

My tips to those who are just starting out with cloth would be:

  1. Don't give up!  If you find you are having a few leaks, try to figure out why by reading online, or asking a friend who uses cloth. Usually it's just a super simple solution.
  2. Make sure you prep those PODS reallllllly well!
  3. Buy at least 6 packs of Hybrid H-Pods to have on hand.  You will always find a use for them.
  4. Liners are flushable and make clean-up super easy!
  5. It's normal to check and readjust the legs a lot in the first few weeks/months to make sure you get a nice soft seal around the legs for no leaks.


July 04, 2016 by Sarah Van Bogart